阿维诺 Silver & Gold Mines Announces Results From Its Current Exploration Drill Program Between The San Luis Workings And Elena Tolosa Workings At The 阿维诺 Mine

阿维诺 Silver &金矿有限公司(NYSE-MKT:ASM:TSX.V,ASM;“Avino” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the following results from the first eight holes of its current drill program at the main 阿维诺 Mine located on the 阿维诺 property, 80 Km northeast of Durango, 墨西哥.

The current drill program commenced in September, 2016, and comprises 18 holes in total, for a total of 2,955 metres. Eleven of the holes have been drilled to date, and eight have been assayed. The objective of this program is to explore the area of the 阿维诺 Vein System between the San Luis workings and the Elena Tolosa (“ET”)当前的生产区域。

This new area is close to surface and accessible from the existing 阿维诺 Mine underground workings. The area was identified as a target of interest as it may have been overlooked in the past given that on surface and at shallow depths, the 阿维诺 Vein system splits into hanging wall and foot wall structures.

The 阿维诺 Vein (Epithermal) has been followed longitudinally for more than 1,300 metres and vertically for more than 600 metres. It strikes north 66° east with an east-west splay, and dips to the south and southeast at 60° to 70°. Steeply dipping, high grade zones within the vein and stock-work zones (See 阿维诺 stockwork photos linked here) are frequently found throughout the vein, as well as at its intersections with a number of lateral veins. The new zone is approximately 240 metres of strike length by 130 metres in depth, and an average of 15 metres in thickness. The 阿维诺 vein remains open at depth.

有两个与此版本相关的纵向截面图(Map 1 Map 2),显示了圣路易斯和埃琳娜·托洛萨之间的钻孔区域中的钻孔位置,这些钻孔也可以在我们的网站上找到: www.gxxljypx.com.

“We are encouraged by these initial and positive drill results in the gap area between the San Luis workings and Elena Tolosa, and that the results support the continuation of the extensive 阿维诺 Vein system. This new gold rich area contains at least two sections with continuous significant gold assays.”

大卫·沃尔芬– 总统& CEO 阿维诺 Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.

Drill intersections are spaced 25 metres apart in order to add certainty to the new mineralized block. This tonnage is included in the inferred category of mineral 资源s in the most recent 资源 estimate dated September 26, 2016. Two access levels between San Luis and ET have been channel sampled thus providing more certainty. An evaluation of the zone is being carried out by company engineers and geologists, with the expectation of converting a portion of the inferred 资源s to the indicated 资源 category.


孔数交叉口(米)长度(米)金(g / t)银(g / t)铜(%)
 阿维诺 Vein 挂墙 区86.73至91.124.390.65500.04
 阿维诺 Vein Footwall 区112.32至117.755.430.73300.025
 阿维诺 Vein 挂墙 区89.15至91.652.500.66390.12
 阿维诺 Vein Footwall 区119.80至126.156.350.621080.19
 阿维诺 Vein87.05至96.679.621.8690.06
 阿维诺 Vein87.05至105.4718.421.12380.04
 阿维诺 Vein74.70至96.5521.850.72400.15
 阿维诺 Vein 存货99.05至108.109.051.75230.04
 阿维诺 Vein 挂墙 区126.05至134.358.300.6470.03
 阿维诺 Vein Footwall 区146.15至160.8514.700.78100.04
 阿维诺 Vein Footwall 区40.20至84.5044.302.08290.06
ET-16-07阿维诺 Vein 挂墙 区33.70至39.655.952.292320.3
 阿维诺 Vein Footwall 区52.50至89.8037.301.46550.26
 阿维诺 Fault 挂墙 区118.0至119.41.400.241190.16
 阿维诺 Vein 挂墙 区125.90至128.42.500.50640.05
 阿维诺 Vein Foot Wall 区159.55至175.4015.851.19370.28



在详细的地质和岩土测井之后,将钻芯样品锯成两半。核心的一半提交给化验实验室,另一半保留在现场以供验证和参考。该程序的前三个金刚石钻孔的样品被运送到Inspectorate Labs进行分析。将样品压碎并在杜兰哥(Durango)研磨,并在内华达州里诺(Reno)进行纸浆分析。对于30克以上的样品,通过30克火焰分析,原子吸收整理或重量分析整理来确定金 g / t黄金。王水消化后,通过ICP分析确定铜,银和其他元素。样本数量超过100 克重/吨银用重量分析法通过火化验重新测定。铜含量超过1%的分析可通过4酸消解和原子吸收完成再分析。

该程序剩余的五个金刚石钻孔的样品已提交给墨西哥杜兰戈的SGS实验室设施。黄金通过AA涂层的火焰分析法进行分析。重新测定任何超过3.0克/吨金的样品,然后进行重量分析。还可以通过SGS ICP14B方法完成每个样品的多元素分析。使用ICP 90Q重新测定10,000 ppm(1%)以上的铜值。用重量分析光度法对银进行火分析,以分析超过100克/吨的样品。

阿维诺 uses a series of standard reference materials (SRMs), blank reference materials (blanks), and duplicates as part of their QA/QC program during analysis of assays.

Inspectorate Labs in Nevada and British Columbia are ISO 9001:2008 certified, full-service laboratories that are independent of 阿维诺, and the SGS Labs in Durango are ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certified.


阿维诺’s projects are under the supervision of Chris Sampson, P.Eng, 阿维诺 Consultant and Jasman Yee P.Eng, 阿维诺 Director, who are both qualified persons within the context of National Instrument 43-101. Both have reviewed and approved the technical data in this news release.

About 阿维诺:

阿维诺’s mission is to create shareholder value through profitable organic growth at the historic 阿维诺 property near Durango, 墨西哥, and the 布拉洛恩矿 property in southwestern British Columbia, 加拿大. We are committed to managing all business activities in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner while contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.


“David Wolfin”


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