New 20 Year Royalty Agreement Completed to Reopen 阿维诺 Main Mine

阿维诺 Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (“Avino” or “The Company”) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned Mexican subsidiary has entered into a new agreement with 矿物质 de 阿维诺, S.A. de C.V. (“Minerales”) whereby 矿物质 has indirectly granted to the Company the exclusive right to explore and mine the La Platosa property known as the “ET zone”.

阿维诺’首席执行官大卫·沃尔芬(David Wolfin)说:“I am very pleased to say that with this key agreement in place we can now proceed with our plan to become a significant silver producer. This new long-term agreement marks a significant milestone for the company; 阿维诺 can now proceed with its major expansion plans. We have commenced work on an application that will allow us to de-water the existing 阿维诺 mine workings. To accommodate the new ore, we are implementing a plan to make the necessary minor modifications to our existing mill in order to bring the plant back to its full capacity of 1250tpd. Drilling has commenced to define mineralized zones (four thousand metres through 10 holes are planned for 2012.) A new 43-101 resource estimate will be forthcoming once the infill drilling program is complete.”


根据该协议,本公司将拥有在最初的15年内勘探和开采该财产的专有权,并且可以选择将该协议再延长5年。作为授予这些权利的考虑,公司必须通过发行135,189股本公司普通股向Minerales支付250,000美元。公司的有效期为24个月(“Development Period”)用于采矿设施的开发。

公司已同意向Minerales支付相当于冶炼厂净收益的3.5%的特许权使用费(“NSR Royalty”), at the commencement of commercial production from the property. In addition, after the 发展时期, if the minimum monthly processing rate of the mine facilities is less than 15,000 tonnes, then the Company must pay to 矿物质 in any event a minimum royalty equal to the applicable NSR版税 based on processing at a minimum monthly rate of 15,000 tonnes.

矿物质 has also granted to the Company the exclusive right to purchase a 100% interest in the property at any time during the term of the agreement (or any renewal thereof), upon payment of US$8 million within 15 days of the Company’选举购买财产的通知。购买将根据单独的购买协议完成,以合法转让财产。

阿维诺 Mine History

阿维诺 operated its main mine located 80 KM NE of Durango, 墨西哥 from 1974 to 2001 producing approximately 5 million tons, containing 16 million ounces silver, 96,000 ounces gold and 24 million pounds of copper. The mine was closed in November 2001 due to low metal prices (Silver US$4.37/oz, Gold US$283/oz, Copper US$0.65/lb) and the closure of a key smelter.


在2001年关闭时的剩余资源(大部分低于11级)(按矿山工作人员的计算,不符合NI43-101的历史记录)为1,681,253吨,按100 g/t silver, 0.92 克/吨金和0.63%铜。 2007年至2008年之间在该地区的钻探将增加到这一总数中,并将在今年晚些时候即将发布的NI-43-101资源​​计算中公开。

Mineral rights on the concessions, Unification La Platosa, totaling an area of 98.83 hectares which cover 1300 metres along the main 阿维诺 deposit were held under an option agreement with a private company (Minerales de 阿维诺 SA de SV “Minerales”). That agreement required 阿维诺 to pay a 3.5% royalty to 矿物质, which expired on October 31, 2010. This new agreement replaces the original expired deal.

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“David Wolfin”
总统 & CEO

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